Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i'm back.

a friend of mine once told me about his sister, who had a professor that asked everyone in the class to announce their presence in and out of daydreams, distractions, etc. by saying outloud - in the middle of whatever was going on in class - "i'm back!" when their attention focused back on the task at hand...well,

i'm back!

no promises how long it will last:) but i'm here today. lots going on - i'm working lots of extra hours at the library (like double the usual on-top of my full-time job) and i got a new student at school that i'm working with one on that has taken a minute to get used to, i am a nearly licensed foster parent with hopes (fingers crossed, please!) of adopting my little joe in the new year (sooner, if that's possible!), and what else...who knows! i recently went to NYC to visit my dear sera and our friend ashley was in town (opening up the hottest new thrift on the LES!) and ashley is soon to be married (enter wedding present ideas here:_________)

SO, besides all of that and the fact that we ate lobsters instead of turkey on thanksgiving (support local) i am boring and loving a few things (shared below) and hopefully by the holidays, i will have made a few things for my lovelies and the niece & nephew kidlets :) enjoy links and happy hump day!

Some gift guides for yo lovah and yo othah!
i love you, but you crack me up!
do you wanna come up? i do! i luff this blog.
oh babycakes! this is on my must-have list
your daily dose, sign up today.
blondes have more fun? jokes, it's actually the brits
hello berlin! i luv, luvs yo jewels (specifically this & this!)
beauty at the auburn & ivory shop

[photo by kristy for thingsihearttoday]


Emilia Jane said...

oh my sweet lovely. how i've missed you. i can't wait to get back on the east side.

Stacey said...

That's funny the professor had them do that, maybe we should just do that in everyday life.