Tuesday, January 12, 2010

putting it out there...

"i know that he is out there…he’s probably hiding under a red sox cap in a place that i frequent & wondering if i always laugh that loud or if my lips always turn that color when i drink wine. he’s there and maybe i know him or maybe i don’t know him yet, but this is the year we come together & figure it out - from hellos to first kisses to who’s on top.

i don’t care how much money he makes - i don’t care about the kind of shampoo he uses or the color of his eyes. i only care how much he makes me laugh, how much he hates to see me cry & what kind of a person he is when i’m not looking. he will be the big spoon to my tall dessert spoon & together we’ll make a life that people say isn’t possible except in great novels. it will be fabulous & i won’t worry about the future anymore."

me, 01.11.10

birthday wishes for the coming year from my 30th birthday yesterday