Sunday, January 25, 2009


so, my sinus infection is slowly (and i stress slooooooowlllyy!) going away, but i have been working on a little sumthin', sumthin' by way of an etsy shop and while it's not ready yet, i have been furiously knitting.

cowls (here and here) and skinnies (see above) and epics (you'll have to wait for it) - oh my! above is a sneak at my favorite sumthin' so far...i call it skinny iced chocolate! (OK, i'm having a little too much fun naming my creations!) i promise i will let you know when the shop is open (once it is, i promise i will probably talk of nothing else...jk)

BUT in the meantime, skip over to auburn & ivory and enter a RAD-tastic could win a necklace, but get there before friday!

other things i just heart these days:
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enjoy two days in july

Thursday, January 22, 2009

say what!?!?!

transparent duct tape?? could it be true?! YES. awesome...did you know that duct tape is the official state tool of maine? just a little trivia for you.
[via here, via here]

january 22nd.

heath ledger 1979-2008
can you believe it's been a year? i cannot, it's still so sad.
love & thoughts to matilda.

[photo via time]

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


i am stuffyhead, sick & TIRED...when will winter be over??
i feel a little like this...especially if what is in that spoon is nyquil.
i hope to be back on my feet sooner than june ;)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

the BIG two-nine.

"it takes a long time to grow young."
~ pablo picasso

today is my birthday!
i have one year to get ready for 30...wish me luck!
xo, k.phin

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

it's a cowl.

so, i had been organizing my yarn the other day (read: procrastinating) and then later in the day i was talking to the the ever inspiring emilia, who mentioned her affection for a cowl (you know, the not-scarf-anti-neck-warmer-neck-warmer) and i agreed! i have been spying them on etsy, but just couldn't part with the cash. so then it struck me, that combining my frugality and knitting skills...perhaps i could make one - two birds, one stone - right? well, obsessively i knit for the rest of the night through two movies (one being new fave). and i did it! and now i am lining up yarn colors for my lovelies - emilia has requested a surprise and sera [shocker!] has requested black :) here is my cowl made of some lambs wool yarn i bought WAY back in college, it's a lil' bit of rust with mustard, but i luvs it - PLUS wooden toggle buttons are the icing on my cowl cupcake! i'll share the others once i recover from sunday's carpal tunnel!

[photos by kristy for thingsihearttoday]

Monday, January 5, 2009

"...we hope it, we know it."

“sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter. who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it.”
- goethe

happy 2009! i am all snuggled up in a blanket as i write tonight, it's frigid outside in maine and i DESPERATELY miss the warm beaches of california (and margaritas enjoyed in the comfort of my flip-flops...but i digress!). so as i'm sitting here i'm thinking of all of my favorite people who are also snuggled up tonight and feeling uncertain about the year to come...i have no crystal ball (just a cotton-candy pink magic date-ball from the free pile in college that always tells me to try again later), but i believe the quote above and know that everything will all shake out. from my beloved friends in new york, to my very own dad - times are tough, but i'm putting good thoughts into the universe because i believe the best is yet to come and hopefully, soon to come. do me a favor friends and put some good energy out into the world today...and everyday for that matter! love to all, kp