Tuesday, January 6, 2009

it's a cowl.

so, i had been organizing my yarn the other day (read: procrastinating) and then later in the day i was talking to the the ever inspiring emilia, who mentioned her affection for a cowl (you know, the not-scarf-anti-neck-warmer-neck-warmer) and i agreed! i have been spying them on etsy, but just couldn't part with the cash. so then it struck me, that combining my frugality and knitting skills...perhaps i could make one - two birds, one stone - right? well, obsessively i knit for the rest of the night through two movies (one being juno...my new fave). and i did it! and now i am lining up yarn colors for my lovelies - emilia has requested a surprise and sera [shocker!] has requested black :) here is my cowl made of some lambs wool yarn i bought WAY back in college, it's a lil' bit of rust with mustard, but i luvs it - PLUS wooden toggle buttons are the icing on my cowl cupcake! i'll share the others once i recover from sunday's carpal tunnel!

[photos by kristy for thingsihearttoday]


splinteringout said...


Emilia Jane said...

Dude those are WAY better than the ones I've seen on Etsy. You need to make a shop PRONTO!

Dannikke said...

i like the buttons a lot :) good job!!