Sunday, January 25, 2009


so, my sinus infection is slowly (and i stress slooooooowlllyy!) going away, but i have been working on a little sumthin', sumthin' by way of an etsy shop and while it's not ready yet, i have been furiously knitting.

cowls (here and here) and skinnies (see above) and epics (you'll have to wait for it) - oh my! above is a sneak at my favorite sumthin' so far...i call it skinny iced chocolate! (OK, i'm having a little too much fun naming my creations!) i promise i will let you know when the shop is open (once it is, i promise i will probably talk of nothing else...jk)

BUT in the meantime, skip over to auburn & ivory and enter a RAD-tastic could win a necklace, but get there before friday!

other things i just heart these days:
chalkboard paint is lovely
bonnie & clyde meet salt & pepper
owls...nuff said.
hearts for rent
you will be very bed
life lessons as comic relief
sweet, sweet sprouse
mice like techno
wrap me up in recycling
enjoy two days in july


splinteringout said...

the compliments on the fabulous phin cowl have been rolling in and i can't wait for your etsy shop!!! whatever an epic is...i'll be the first to order one.

ashmb said...

a soon as your open your shop I'll be ordering too! i love scarves!