Thursday, February 26, 2009

time flies...

happy birthday blog!!
it has been one full year since this blog came into my life along with all of you beautiful readers! this year will be even better, i can tell...stay tuned for news & my shop next week ;)

[photo by kristy for things i heart today]

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i like.

quote/picture via creature comforts

PLUS - check out this cool coincidence...also, via creature comforts

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

just do it.

I KNOW - i am late to catch this train and i don't remember where i first heard of this site, but if you're in need of a good laugh - a belly laugh - please visit f*ck you, penguin...she's really gives it to all those cute, furry animals who think they are all that & a bag of wood chips. LOL.

image via f*ck you, penguin

Monday, February 23, 2009

sad bunny.

winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail

remember how i was saying i miss the warm weather?!?! well, i've gone and hurt my back again shoveling the F-ing snow...RAR, right!?! anyway, i saw lil' bunny and thought - THIS is how i feel right now, made worse by watching the dragged out, 2 hour, bachelor reunion show - all around...painful.

photo from twig hutchinson via fortysixth at grace

i'm O-fficially over snow.

farmer's market & the flea
farmer's market & the flea - by thingsihearttoday on

ok, so i made this set about 4 months ago, but i am really needing it now! i am in the mood for spring and the 18-24 inches of snow outside my window, that fell overnight, that i shoveled not helping my mood! i long for the long lost days in california - going to the farmer's market on saturdays and the flea with pals, kicking around san diego vintage shops or buying organic peaches in santa barbara. i need sunshine to grow my friends! i have said it before and i'll say it spring and summer BETTER be right around the corner or else i might flip my cookie!

for details & pricing, please click links above.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

it's got hopps.

ok, how freaking great is this?? it's a green AND clever idea that would make great gifts for just about ANY of my friends! recycled glass bottles as drinking glasses & vases - absolut & red stripe & corona - oh my! but (for my crew, anyway) i think he needs to add:

- a set of heineken glasses for my lovely ashley
- a co-set of bud lite & bud heavy for kj & buntah
- gentleman jack vase/ice bucket for mr. e
- kettle one citron vase for sera
- set of vintage tab glasses & JD ice bucket for emilia & the captain
- set of dos equis glasses for dw

that would cover me for at least the next year ;) - check out what
he does have in stock though, it's fairly fantastic!

[image via nickpaul on etsy]

Monday, February 16, 2009

high five.

this video just MADE my day!!! my stupid monday/president's day that i had to work on while others lounged in jammies with latte! i just love it, and lemme say - as someone who once lived in NYC & traveled those cranky, dark subway stairs daily i am CANNOT surprise new yorkers, i mostly think that they are immune, but this does just that, enjoy!

found via made by girl

Sunday, February 15, 2009

mirror image.

OK! whose the genius that invented the polaroid mirror??? colin o'dowd of course! i bet this little gem will be making the rounds on flickr immediately (and everywhere) soon, and i O-fficially heart it. plus, for $29 it's a steal for the sheer novelty and fun of it all!

found via sfgirlbybay


found via dear ada

ok, so I KNOW this will be one of those things that you're unsure about clicking through on...elizabeth gilbert, i find, is a wacky controversial figure - you either L-O-V-E her or find her horribly annoying! i think she's great (even though she overuses phrases & words such as "like" "actually" "sort of" and "you know" in a "i'm an artist, so i choose my words carefully & thoughtfully" kind of way), but then last summer, when i was talking to some friends about her, they were almost nauseated by her and the book and the whole deal! the book...i adore (eat, pray, love...for those of you under a rock in an oprah-free zone) friend said something to the effect of "i just wanted her to get up off the god damned floor already! enough crying & talking & voices!" but give this a shot, she gave a speech at the recent TED conference about creativity & genius...i thought it was inspiring, but i also was inspired by her chanting & eating gelato 3xs a day - so use your own judgement!!

also, as a footnote, my former college president (who, as a freshman i will admit, i called liz "the snake" coleman and made her the subject of a weekly top 10 list on my door's dry erase board because she weirded me out and later fired my favorite drama professor) also spoke at TED...had you told me back when i was roaming the grounds at bennington that liz coleman would one day speak at the same conference as bono, bill clinton and eve ensler - i would have snapped my neck and passed out on the spot. but it's true and the alumni newsletter warned - her talk has not yet been posted, but she is prominently featured on the conference homepage!

i do love a good quote though, and she wins in that department for the day:

"You have a mind and other people. Start with those and change the world."
– Liz Coleman

Saturday, February 14, 2009


my lovely ashley sent me this yesterday (sorry i don't know where the image is from!) and it made me laugh out loud. in my life, i feel like laughter is my favorite kind of love...maybe my heart is located in my funny bone! anyone who can make me fall down from hysterical laughter, startle me into deep belly laughs or make me tear up with that silent laugh where you can't breathe has the key to my heart completely. i hope your day if full of laughter, people, places & food that you love ;)

xo, kphin

Thursday, February 12, 2009

there are no words.

"friendship is a sheltering tree."
~ samuel taylor coleridge

inspiration board with love from veiled vows

there are people in life who are special, who make my days bright and help me lift my dreams to the ears of the universe everyday without ever having to ask them to. my friend has made me & lil' joe the MOST thoughtful and wonderful inspiration board, i am speechless & grateful & hopeful.

my interview for the adoption of joe is february 26th which ALSO happens to be the one year anniversary of this year is an amazing slice of time - people change, people grow, people meet little boys who turn the vision of the life they wanted into something not good enough anymore. by march we'll know many things and by then it will be spring, for today this board goes on my wall and FILLS my heart...good thoughts and goodnight.


where has my joaquin gone?? i think & hope he's just pullin' our collective chain, but seriously.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

oh hello!

i found this A-mazing project from oh hello friend via darling dexter and i am in love...if you're my secret crush out there - this is definitely the map to my heart. it's an envelope book - like a collage and love letter rolled into one...the extended version. how lovely?


ooh la la.

ok, so, i have NO IDEA what she's saying, but i lovesit! i was trying to translate at least the band name (pirate heart?) & song title (house of babies?)...but, i got impatient with my search engine options - SO, just give it a listen!

find coeur de pirate here.
found them here.

Monday, February 9, 2009

that's nasty.

ok, so i think this is in a word: GROSS.
America, THIS is why you're fat.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

wanna play tag?!

how fun and great is this?!?! the lovely veiled vows (if you have not stopped over to her blog, do not walk...RUN!) has tagged me and i am just SO flattered.

10 random things:

1. i would eat breakfast for every meal of the day if it were possible and/or socially acceptable.

2. i can recite the movies 'you've got mail' 'when harry met sally' & 'my best friend's wedding'...pretty much word for word.

3. i like to sing carpenters' songs REAL loud when i'm alone in my car.

4. at some point after i graduated college my eyes changed from brown to hazel...most days they are green which makes me exceedingly happy for some reason.

5. my favorite song to work out to is 'damaged' by danity kane.

6. i buy books and never read them, but write my name inside of them so i can't re-gift them.

7. i looooove pumpkin ice cream.

8. i check my online banking at least once a day, just to make sure.

9. i enjoy grocery shopping WAY more than shopping for clothes.

10. i want to live in a farmhouse near the ocean with a big porch, an organic garden, an english mastiff and a little guy named joe.

now, the blogs i cannot live without:
do you wanna come up?
you are my fave
the lil bee
auburn & ivory
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m.a. belle
magpie & cake

[photo by kristy for thingsihearttoday]

Monday, February 2, 2009

BIG hearts.

“feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like
wrapping a present and not giving it.”
-william arthur ward

[photo via flickr]

auburn & ivory turns one today...and for one WHOLE year, the world has been brighter. heck, i wouldn't be here without her - happy birthday and thanks for the 365 days of inspiration (hem, hem...and for all the years of love & inspiration before that!). across the miles - cupcakes & kudos to you! MWAH.