Tuesday, February 26, 2008

take one...

the beginning, as julie andrews would say, "a very good place to start!" ok, then where do i start? i am 28 years old, wandering around with my head full of images, quotes, ideas, etc. i wanted a place to put these things, so this blog will serve as the un-lock-box for all things floating in my world that i want to share and at the same time keep filed away for myself to enjoy. i am afraid of commitment, i am excited by politics and the food network, i am gluten-free & i want to create - i cannot guarantee daily posts or inspirational rants, but this space will always be filled with the things that i heart today - most likely written in poor grammar, but rich in love & commas...for all to enjoy.

AND to start at the beginning, it is necessary to acknowledge the root of the inspiration that lead me here. it is the lovely, witty & ever-encouraging emilia or as you will come to know her auburn & ivory. luckily for me, i have known her for years and she is the number 1 thing i heart most days, even more so now that she has a blog. every morning, as i wait away the east coast hours for her to post miles away in the west, i sit and think about what i might find today and i am always amazed. i liken it to picking a mystery lollipop from the candy dish - you always hope that it will be a flavor you like, and for me everyday when i read auburn & ivory it is like getting grape - my FAVORITE.

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Emilia said...

I started tearing up when you wrote and said you started a blog. Tearing up out of sheer excitment because I've been waiting for this day for so long. And now I'm at work crying because of that post. You are so sweet. I love you and I can't wait to visit you everyday at least in bloggy world. MWAH!