Friday, February 29, 2008

a friday cocktail.

"i'll stick with gin. champagne is just
ginger ale that knows somebody."
~ hawkeye pierce, from M*A*S*H

so at the end of this first week (ok, it was a four day week, but I did post twice one day!) i think it’s time for a cocktail to celebrate a new found obsession in blogging, which contributes to my existing obsession of gathering and filing. also i wanna high-five myself for doing something for four days straight! really, these past 6 weeks were a challenge motivationally while i was all clouded by the gluten & i had doubts about whether i would come back to this page after my first day (as i expressed in my disclaimer during my first post!). big thanks & hugs to those quiet pushers out there who gave me the courage – i lift this cocktail to you, my lovelies.

SO, as i was looking for a mixture that spoke to me, i found this one from martha stewart - a blood-orange champagne cocktail – hello new friend! and it's fitting since i have been trying to incorporate new fruits & veggies into my life as of late and i actually tried a blood orange recently - in addition to fennel, citrines and parsnips (all are wonderful). holy YUM, a blood orange is juicy, tart and just the perfect shade of scarlet (i would very much like to have it as a nail polish someday) but ALAS it is a very simple concoction and guaranteed to posh up any girls night (like tonight!). cheers!


(Serves 10 to 12)
- 2 1/4 cups freshly squeezed or frozen blood-orange juice
- 2 750-ml bottles champagne, chilled


- Pour 3 tablespoons juice in each champagne flute.
- Fill flutes with champagne, and serve.

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