Monday, March 3, 2008

manic monday!

ok, so i am sorry for this space's lack of blog today...i have been a crazy person and while no excuses is my motto (well, it's at least my tattoo!) i just did not get here with all the things that i wanted to share today. some reasons for the delay - i got a job on friday (YAY employment!), i worked an event this weekend, i went snowtubing with the kidlets (my niece & nephew, danica & brody) on sunday, and today after work i had to arrange for the group gift for a friend's wedding that has to be in the mail & in florida by saturday....yikes! PLUS, i am about to log on to my first class with THE oprah winfrey and MR eckhart tolle for their teaching of his book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. i am very excited and anxious all at once, so stay tuned for updates on how this goes! otherwise i am happy and i had swiss chard for dinner so i am ret-ta-go for my brain work, hoping to be better organized as the week moves forward, MWAH!

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