Monday, March 10, 2008

scarf it down.

“it was one of those march days when the sun shines
hot and the wind blows cold: when it is
summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”
~ charles dickens

ok, so it is no secret once you meet me that i love a scarf! i will wear one on a boat, i will wear one with a coat. in the summer, winter, spring - i wear scarfs with everything...happy belated birthday dr. seuss ;) i am always looking to add to my collection - so lucky me, for my birthday in january emilia sent me a bundle of beautiful coral/orchid colored hand-spun kettle dyed yarn that i have been itching to knit. but then i couldn't decide how to knit it without stripping it of it's texture and making it normal...YUCK.

so i came across directions in an old martha stewart mag (i'm sorry, i'm a fan of hers, funky connecticut accent aside!) for a knotted scarf - basically a series of square knots that makes a loose, chunky & airy scarf. so i finally took the time to figure out a square knot so i could do this project and TADA - i have a fancy, yummy new addition to my wardrobe! it was very reminiscient of my friendship-bracelet-making days - check out the directions and don't be intimidated, this seriously took a very small portion of my sunday.

here are some of my favorite scarves that others have created, consider it my spring wishlist for those windy maine days that have already begun ;)

fox in the snow scarf

by MelissaSue


by scarf

orange birds
by 1AEON

blue beetle by

it's a tie i can't decide which one of these i need more!!

is very cool, they make me want to take up screenprinting - find them also on indiepublic. this is reasonably priced art as far as i'm concerned, PLUS they wear a zebra mask sometimes when taking pictures in their items...i love a zebra, BIG hearts - check them out.


Emilia said...

Did you seriously make that scarf in the first picture? It is beautiful! When does your Etsy shop open??? I tried to make a scarf with those very same instructions from Martha and I wouldn't even give it away it was so ugly (well, I tried to give it away but Dannikke wouldn't take it!). You are amazing!

kristy said...

i did! i made it!! i hooked it up to my mom's quilting rack and it made it A LOT easier to do because it didn't move & i could roll it up as i went along. i bought fabric today that reminds me of you so i think i may have to dust the cobwebs off my sewing machine & get busy on some crafties!

lauren said...

i was wondering how you pick what you want to show to your fans? here is a link to my stuff if you are interested, big scarfs, and tshirts