Thursday, March 13, 2008

bueller? anyone?

a gin & tonic or 2 or 3 was just what the doctor ordered today and i have to say that i am feeling renewed. my good friend and i have not hung out in a while and ok, i admit - i was absent from this space, but will be more present tomorrow. all of the best of intentions to get here failed, but that's ok - after a long day, i came home to promptly put on my jammies and watched hardball while cooking dinner. then an IM came that actually got me to put jeans back on & took me away...being thirsty thursday i could not refuse the cocktails calling my name. it had been so long since my friend & i had commiserated and talked that it was in order, so in lieu of a real post today let me just toast to friends, to laughter, to being vulnerable and speaking the truth out loud. here's to conversations that cannot be had over email or myspace and cheers to time well spent away from the tv - happy (almost) friday!

"happiness depends...
less on exterior things than most suppose."
~ William Cowper

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