Friday, March 21, 2008

drum roll.

this is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous, but i am very reactive and should therefore stay far away from...peas & trout!

HA. this is pretty funny (and sad because i love peas, unlike sera who says, "i never choose peas"), but how random? i even have a card in my wallet to carry around that says no peas, no trout. besides those two high-level reactives, i am very low reactive to the following long list of items:

ALL dairy (aka - casein)
all poultry/meats EXCEPT for lamb & pork
all fish shellfish EXCEPT crab, shrimp, lobster, oysters & some white fish
kidney beans

so what does this mean?? it means that all things that are low level reactives i can eat in moderation and on a rotation schedule...basically i shouldn't eat red meat with eggs & cheese & kidney beans with a peanut soy dip all at once! (or every day in similar combinations). so i have to spread out these things i heart or cut them out - like i have already cut out gluten, citric acid(which is in EVERYTHING btw), artificial sweeteners(aspartame & splenda) AND preservatives...luckily all fruits & veggies are in, as well as rice & honey & lentils & chocolate - THANK GAWD!

the reason i did this test was to find out if i was reactive to gluten and perhaps had celiacs disease & while i thankfully do not react to wheat or gluten, the oats & yeast combo probably lead to a great deal of my issues with the gluten category. i have also decided that since i feel so good being gluten-free and people dislike the cranky mess i am when i'm on the glute - i will stay gluten free (but have the freedom of having tiramisu on occasion without turning on my auto-immune system!). so i am armed and dangerous with my new test results and ready to cut out some more things that have apparently been giving me trouble to see if i can feel even better than i do.

thanks to everyone who has been supportive/interested/pretended to be interested while i go on & on with all of this silliness. i am already "that girl" who has to make special requests at restaurants and brings a cooler full of food with her everywhere she goes, so now i'll just be more selective when i pack up for a night out! break out the rice dream, i'm ready to eat up!!

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Emilia said...

So you definitely need to turn this into a "what to eat when you can't eat anything" blog. How can you have reactions to ALL those things?