Thursday, March 27, 2008

sounds like.

i JUST did something not known to me...i figured out a tech issue on my own (sans sera, my technical guru). i am always jealous that perez has music to share and tonight i got just interested enough to figure it out so that we can heart music here too...not as pretty in pink like his, but baby steps. so since today was the first day i heard spring sounds outside my door, i want to celebrate with what sounds like spring to me.

i became involved with this song a few years back after it was featured on the series finale of sex & the city...i googled, searched and it was unavailable in the US...then i heard it AGAIN the other night when the hills went to paris (you would watch it too if you were home on cold meds...even if you wouldn't, don't judge!), SO again being OCD - i found it, purchased it and now i shall put it out there for your listening pleasure, many thanks to seeqpod for making this so easy that i could & would do it again!

mc solaar "le belle et le bad boy"

happiness = sun shining, snow melting and a french song in my heart - MWAH!

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Sera said...

i am so proud! just promise that you'll still call me so i don't start feeling obsolete as your tech guru. also, i SO love this song!