Friday, March 7, 2008


"when I find myself fading, I close my eyes and
my friends are my energy."
~ anonymous

end of week two. thanks for letting me blather on this week about completely random things! i am one week removed from gluten again & i have to say the fog is starting to lift, thankfully. i have to send a big shout out and loads of hearts to the gluten free girl, who announced today that "the chef knocked her up" - very exciting! also big hearts to my lovely emilia from auburn & ivory who has devoted march (& an entire 2nd blog space!) to uncovering the greenies out there who are doing their part for the environment & doing it with style, check out new posts & interviews with eco-friendly designers & artists daily.

to my new friends on indiepublic who have been so welcoming with adds & comments, i am putting aside weekend time to check out your blogs & shops & flickrs so i can comment back to each of you:)...and to all of my visitors who have been giving me a read, i can see from my tracker that you are from all over the US & the world - big hearts to madrid & kuala lumpur for making the trip!
i have post-its all over my computer with collected blogs, sites, quotes & craft ideas that i need to share with you, because i just do and since i will be snowed in & broke this weekend i hope to get it all blogged out & linked up & beautified! i'm really having fun and since it's friday & i am curled up watching a movie with the kidlets, i will leave you with some yummies for the weekend - quotes & cocktails, happy friday!

(it's my all-time fave for summer and
i am wishing for summer this weekend!)

(all portions can be multiplied for sharing!)
4 lime wedges
2 teaspoons granulated sugar
10 fresh mint leaves
2 ounces light rum Club soda

1. In a mixing glass, muddle lime wedges with mint and sugar until it has dissolved.
2. Add ice and rum and shake, then strain into a Collins glass filled with crushed ice. Top with club soda and garnish with a full sprig of fresh mint.
(This recipe comes from Allen Katz, host of "The Cocktail Hour" on Martha Stewart Living Radio.)

"couglin's diet: cocktails and dreams. "
doug, from the movie cocktail

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Emilia said...

I like you the best! I wish I could snuggle with you this weekend!