Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the chills.

"life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. how do you know this is the experience you need? because this is the experience you are having at this moment." ~ eckhart tolle

it's snowy & slushy & cold in the east, i am currently seeking a groundhog to tell me something new about spring! so i mentioned the other day that i just got a job & i'm excited to share that i am working at a pre-school for developmentally challenged kids. it is fun, exciting & making me tired (even though the hours not not what i consider to be full time!). so that has been taking me away from hunting out the things i heart lately, but i SWEAR if you saw these kids you'd realize that all the fashion, fun & delicious recipes in the world are not more important. so while i build up my stamina to work, plus blog, plus clean my room & pay my bills, please be patient and i will be more productive on the weekends...i promise to try!

SO, in terms of the new job i was sharing the overall story of how it came about last night with one of my lovelies and she said - you have to tell people that, so i will because it's pretty amazing (to me). i wrote a day or so ago about the eckhart tolle book that I am reading, A New Earth. it's about great things like letting go of your ego and shutting down the mind chatter (both negative & just plain unnecessary) and while it is new age by genre, it's a whole new outlook for me. i won't get preachy, but if you are searching for directions, try this as a road map starter kit! so i was going through this extended, yucky gluten testing and was without job for 6 weeks. last thursday, i had my test and came home and decided to find a job & have NO expectations, no qualifiers, no exclusions based on location, embarrassment, etc.

i was ready (and so were my very patient parents...) i put it out into the world and planted it in my head...when i came home, my friend called - she had a job for me - only problem, it starts in the morning! i said ok - instead of saying, it's part-time, it's not my thing, i'm not qualified - i said ok, i'll try it, if it doesn't work i'll move on. i went on friday, and the owner asked me to come back monday, if i wanted i could come back all the next week and if possible i could just never leave - HA! job, check. friday while at my new found job, i got a message from another friend asking me to work an event over the weekend to the tune of $140, second job, check. things are shifting and as far i can tell the law of attraction is in play, it's everything i thought was a crock about the secret coming to fruition. believing in the new age, check.

i went to work monday and was put in charge of the just starting 6 week art immersion series...could you knock me over with a feather, yes. so good things are happening and i believe that it's because good things are going on in my thoughts and in my intentions. so i am reconnecting with art and creativity - first with this space which i am grateful to have and second in an unexpected place working with amazing little miracles who benefit me more than i can hope to help them. it's a little slice of therapy & patience, i am being forced to slow down and enjoy the view, i totally suggest tapping the brakes every now & then.

other suggestions include the gluten-free brownies i just made & ate - YUM!


Emilia said...

i love you and am so so proud of you. you are so creative and talented and deserve all the good things that are coming to you!

Sera said...

i am so happy for you!!!! can't wait to hear all about it. love you!

dannikke said...

I just got goosebumps! more than once. beautiful and inspirational you are. XXOOxOXo

dannikke said...

p.s. sharing about your job totally falls into the category of "things you heart today"... just thought i'd let you know;) hehe

kristy said...

look at us all in one place - all we need is ashley & a cocktail!! ...and maybe a time machine;) thanks for the support lovelies - MWAH!