Monday, March 17, 2008

got irish?

happy st. patty's day - i love taking this day to remind myself of why i'm so darn pale...still haven't figured out why i'm so darned tall yet, but that's ok! since i am gluten-free, i won't be partaking of any green beer this evening or my sadly missed car-bomb (sweet, sweet crazy milkshake!) and since i am headed off to bed i thought i'd share my mellow find from the weekend to sooth those who are laying low on this monday holiday, he also happens to be irish (or at least his name is) - the pat mcgee band!

they were playing this weekend when i was working an event up to sunday river ski resort and while i would've been up for some dancin tunes being outside in the cold, i was just excited to find a new band. when you think of pat mcgee think: what if james taylor, hootie & the blowfish and dave matthews had a baby? if you're still reading then you're like me and want his cd on while sucking down margartitas in a hammock with the santa ana winds blowing in the background, PLUS he's not too rough on the eyes from behind those aviator rims on stage!

now, i'll admit, i have not listened to all their tracks (you can do some listening here and here), but the most important taste test for me is - what does it sound like live? SO good, and he does covers of crosby, stills, nash & young which i think speaks to what i'm looking for in a good time, smoky bar-type band...

elizabeth was my favorite song he sang this weekend, but i couldn't find it on his website(probably because it's on his new album, but i did find a scratchy video of it: see below) - other songs (like rebecca, annabel & end of october(even the na-na-na-nah part!)) were good too and they remind me of songs i feel like i've heard on my favorite tv shows before, and PS - the next time they write a song about a girl, i sorta wish it would be named kristy :)

ALAS, happy st. patrick's day, enjoy this irishman's band and pour out a little guinness for me!

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