Friday, March 28, 2008

friday snack.

in leau of a late night snack, i started to browse etsy for a sweet treat and found these black raspberry earrings from clementine - so much better than ice cream, don't you agree?

not only does she have a large collection of jewelry in her shop, but her blog is a new bookmark of mine (somewhat because i heart her chocolate lab zeke!) i, like her, believe that the snow should be done falling by now here on the east coast, but alas on (hopefully the last) snowy friday night i am now going to peruse some more of her shop's creations and the array of links on her blog that are new to me...have a happy weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Clementine said...

Thanks so much for the sweet, awesome shout-out, Kristy!
Zeke says he'd like to lick your face and maybe jump on you a little ;)