Thursday, March 6, 2008

to the point.

"let's go and get drunk on light again –
it has the power to console."

~ Georges Seurat

Georges Seurat
A Sunday On La Grande Jatte
- 1884

oil on canvas

so, i was online last night researching project ideas for my upcoming art immersion program at pre-school. i have to admit, this is a much harder undertaking than i originally imagined. yesterday as i was leaving work, my boss handed me this fun project for a dot-painting idea that uses q-tips rather than brushes so that you get distinct circles. she told me it was monet, i didn't think so, so i did a google and found georges seurat a neo-impressionist who was big in the world of pointillism - think: pre-CMYK printing, pre-pixelization - circa the late 1800's. holy art history! this is exciting because i went to a college that outlawed art history and therefore my info is hazy or based on reports i labored over in high school (not such a short time ago since this is the year of my 10 year reunion, UGH!).

Georges Seurat
Le chahut
- 1889-90
Oil on canvas

anyway, i was enjoying seurat today and appreciating the free info from the interwebs and thought i would share his lovely dots which combine primary, complimentary & secondary colors to make a wonderfully complex scheme of things and a visual paint blending exercise using light and dark to trick the eye - ENJOY!

Georges Seurat
The Shore at Bas-Butin, Honfleur - 1886
Oil on canvas


Emilia said...

Is that last picture the beach we're hanging out at in your dreams (my dreams too). I found this awesome place that is in between where you used to live and where I am that I need to take you too!!! It looks a little like that but with a little more Beach Blanket Bingo.

kristy said...

are you talking about san clemente?? i need a little more beach blanket bingo in my life and a little less freezing rain! i would love record stores & yarn shops & hand-frothed lattes made by boys who have surfed all morning & evening walks on the beach with hand-crafted mugs full of fresh strawberry lemonade...the painting it reminds me A. of my dream and B. of the beach that we walked down all of the stairs to get to in santa barbara after our cruise circa '02!

Anonymous said...

it TOTALLY reminds me of the SB beach too! That's funny... It must be!