Wednesday, February 27, 2008

hazy shade of winter

my google search today tells me that spring can be defined as:

“the season of growth”

“the transition from winter into summer”

i would define spring as a feeling you get just before something gets good – you know, that calm willingness to tolerate mud puddles simply because you know that the lilacs are on their way. granted, spring is far from shining just yet, but still when i think about spring i do the excited dance - i think about flip flops, planting a garden (with swiss chard & heirloom tomatoes!) & listening to my favorite mix with the sunroof open, shades on. as i get excited for my own sanity to return after a very long & snowy maine winter, i wanted to share some of the things that are keeping me warm these days...cozy to be exact. this artist ,marisa haedike, is from LA - maybe that's why her prints are sunny!

“buttercup” print

by: creativethursday

i hope that springs comes in more like a lamb rather than a lion, but if it had to come in like a lion wouldn’t you like it to look like buttercup? i want to adopt him, i’ll be angelina 2.0 - with animals!

“love birds in orange hats”

by: creativethursday

BTW! if love looks like this, sign me up to sit on a branch! how cute are they with the snuggles?!?! BIG hearts.

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