Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i love a parade.

"winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart."
~ Victor Hugo

so, it's a messy wednesday in maine & as i sit here surrounded by my least favorite thing (snow!) - i am trying to get to my happy place with things that are cheery & filled with hints of spring. today i wanted to parade some new spring-ish items that have caught my eye lately (think: nautical novelties, nesting birds & short sleeves with an attitude!) but i am proving to be slow on the uptake of placing photos, credits & links - SO, i will wait to do it right! for now, the parade will have to wait, check in tomorrow for a semi-flashy blog full of technology...maybe ;)

in the meantime, my day was brightened by a call from a long lost friend who has opened a great cafe in my area. if you live in maine or more specifically in or around the lewiston/auburn area willy beans is the new place to be. it's coffee (with an education if you're less than versed on the bean lingo like i am) and heart healthy food that is big on flavor. i had the italian grilled cheese sandwich (also known to my stomach as YUM), which i could eat everyday for the rest of my life, but instead i think i'll just try and get through everything on their menu at least once because it is all under $7 an item - when was the last time that happened? plus they have free wi-fi, local artists on display & sweet treats - what could be better than supporting a local business and enjoying it at the same time?

willy beans
Open M-Th 7am-7pm | Friday 7am-9pm
Saturday 9am-9pm | Closed Sundays


Emilia said...

I want to meet you there and sip espresso and talk about all the fabulous things we discover because we're so fabulous! (P.S. I'm commenting on every post you ever make.)

kristy said...

i WISH!! i have already threatened to become a blog hog of their wi-fi, i think at least once a week we should have virtual coffee via phone/IM and blog-storm - how's sunday for you??