Thursday, February 19, 2009

it's got hopps.

ok, how freaking great is this?? it's a green AND clever idea that would make great gifts for just about ANY of my friends! recycled glass bottles as drinking glasses & vases - absolut & red stripe & corona - oh my! but (for my crew, anyway) i think he needs to add:

- a set of heineken glasses for my lovely ashley
- a co-set of bud lite & bud heavy for kj & buntah
- gentleman jack vase/ice bucket for mr. e
- kettle one citron vase for sera
- set of vintage tab glasses & JD ice bucket for emilia & the captain
- set of dos equis glasses for dw

that would cover me for at least the next year ;) - check out what
he does have in stock though, it's fairly fantastic!

[image via nickpaul on etsy]

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Dannikke said...

my favorite beer now is blue moon.

but i sure did love the DE! and remember... Molson? with their funny pick up lines on the bottle. we'd buy that beer just for the labels. hehe.