Thursday, February 12, 2009

there are no words.

"friendship is a sheltering tree."
~ samuel taylor coleridge

inspiration board with love from veiled vows

there are people in life who are special, who make my days bright and help me lift my dreams to the ears of the universe everyday without ever having to ask them to. my friend has made me & lil' joe the MOST thoughtful and wonderful inspiration board, i am speechless & grateful & hopeful.

my interview for the adoption of joe is february 26th which ALSO happens to be the one year anniversary of this year is an amazing slice of time - people change, people grow, people meet little boys who turn the vision of the life they wanted into something not good enough anymore. by march we'll know many things and by then it will be spring, for today this board goes on my wall and FILLS my heart...good thoughts and goodnight.

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