Monday, February 23, 2009

sad bunny.

winter either bites with its teeth or lashes with its tail

remember how i was saying i miss the warm weather?!?! well, i've gone and hurt my back again shoveling the F-ing snow...RAR, right!?! anyway, i saw lil' bunny and thought - THIS is how i feel right now, made worse by watching the dragged out, 2 hour, bachelor reunion show - all around...painful.

photo from twig hutchinson via fortysixth at grace


Emilia Jane said...

oh sweetness, you need to stop doing this to yourself! I am very upset that since I don't have a converter box I couldn't watch the bachelor. What happened!!?

kristy said...

well, it was either i shovel the driveway or my grandmother (with a prosthetic leg & the flu) would have to do it...i got the short straw this storm:) the bachelor was BORING, just a silly reunion show with all the bitters, but maybe find a friend with a converter box next week it should be GOOD!