Sunday, February 15, 2009


found via dear ada

ok, so I KNOW this will be one of those things that you're unsure about clicking through on...elizabeth gilbert, i find, is a wacky controversial figure - you either L-O-V-E her or find her horribly annoying! i think she's great (even though she overuses phrases & words such as "like" "actually" "sort of" and "you know" in a "i'm an artist, so i choose my words carefully & thoughtfully" kind of way), but then last summer, when i was talking to some friends about her, they were almost nauseated by her and the book and the whole deal! the book...i adore (eat, pray, love...for those of you under a rock in an oprah-free zone) friend said something to the effect of "i just wanted her to get up off the god damned floor already! enough crying & talking & voices!" but give this a shot, she gave a speech at the recent TED conference about creativity & genius...i thought it was inspiring, but i also was inspired by her chanting & eating gelato 3xs a day - so use your own judgement!!

also, as a footnote, my former college president (who, as a freshman i will admit, i called liz "the snake" coleman and made her the subject of a weekly top 10 list on my door's dry erase board because she weirded me out and later fired my favorite drama professor) also spoke at TED...had you told me back when i was roaming the grounds at bennington that liz coleman would one day speak at the same conference as bono, bill clinton and eve ensler - i would have snapped my neck and passed out on the spot. but it's true and the alumni newsletter warned - her talk has not yet been posted, but she is prominently featured on the conference homepage!

i do love a good quote though, and she wins in that department for the day:

"You have a mind and other people. Start with those and change the world."
– Liz Coleman

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