Thursday, September 25, 2008

grey is good.

with the start of grey's anatomy (my obsession!) and the impending rainy fall season that is now upon us, i wanted to window shop for some grey hues, even if i can't afford them!

[cashmere pavia sweater via j.crew]
i need this as my fall staple sweater for cool
mornings in the car and chilly evenings on the porch.
[jamie bag via j.crew]
there is nothing sad about this bag, available in gray cloud italian leather,
i want to share sunshiny days with this treasure on my arm.
(p.s. when did j. crew start making bags to the tune of $500+??)


Dannikke said...

can i tell you how much i love you put "luff" as one of your tags?! ha.

ya... i've been j.crew window shopping a lot lately too. they have some cute shit. and in my style. i just wish i could actually afford an outfit. ha.

kristy said...

i know when did j.crew get expensive?!?! it boggles my mind that i shopped there in college (ok, i shopped the clearance rack!) and now they have bags for $3,000!!!! soon the gap will be selling diamonds.