Thursday, September 18, 2008

my achin' back.

[advice by adriaan bloem via flickr]

SO...i am going for an MRI in the am to figure out what ails my back a.k.a. what's-making-my-L4-disc-cranky! i have been on the floor most of this week resting per doctor's orders except when i was helping out making some cd's for this weekends big 10 year high school reunion for the class of 1998 :) i am that old, please cover your mouth if you're going to gasp so loudly...SO, wish me luck, send me happy thoughts, put non-surgical wishes into the universe for your yet-to-be-insured friend! i am also hoping for access to my ipod and mcdreamy as doctor, who will work miracles so that i can dance at my reunion this weekend. i leave you with the image above which (needing spellcheck aside) is making me happy and also the hit of 1998 also known as my senior class song and green day classic - good riddance (time of your life) - MWAH!

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