Tuesday, April 14, 2009

california dreamin.

so i'm headed back to cali for an all too short visit next week and as i was sitting here tonight, i was making a mental list of ALL the things i miss about being out west...here's a sample:

emilia & the captain
in & out burger
(...a double cheeseburger protein & animal style, with crispy fries)
buffalo exchange
trader joe's
pacific beach
the 5 freeway
fashion island
authentic mexican food
my kiddos & friends in the OC :)

that's a good start!

unfortunately, i must hold on...for one more day ;) here's a lil' wilson phillips trip down memory lane for the lovelies:


Emilia Jane said...

Sushi Deli here we come!

Stacey said...

Yes, I agree, what would I do without in n out, I get the cheese sandwich and fries...so good!
Hope your trip was/is fantastic, we've had some unusual weather lately. :)