Wednesday, October 1, 2008

HIGH fashion.

these look like a slice of heavenly pre-historic
pointe shoes or rocket boosters from the future.
sole-less heels from the aminaka wilmont show during london's fashion week.
[photo via huffington post]

what do you think about these gems?

other futuristic finds can be found here and here. thanks to simplyolive for keeping me up to date on the wild happenings in european fashion!


Emilia Jane said...

I think it's awful! With these and the Prada runway this past season and the disgusting Marc Jacobs heels from 2007 we have totally regressed. What's next? Binding feet? It's sadistic. Ugh!

Dannikke said...

yeah...what she said... and they're ugly too! bleh.

Sera said...


simplyolive said...'re welcome! :)