Tuesday, October 7, 2008

devil wears doe.

ok, so i know that this is WAY outta anyone's budget...but - each piece is so lovely that i couldn't leave them out and be price-ist...dream with me would you? imagine that you have a job where sparkles are appropriate during the daytime hours (a job that wouldn't get you arrested, let's just say) and that job may also include fancy $12 drinks, expensive baubles & prada heels after hours...are you with me? keep your eyes closed because this happy place was inspired by my doe colored birthday and i took an outfit cue from my favorite gal, check out her evergreen set.

what's your color? what's your dream outfit? prices & details on mine here.


Emilia Jane said...

way to one up me, tiger. nice job! :) will you be stylist, puleeeze?

Dannikke said...

may i call you the accessory queen?! no one does it like you.

love it... makes me wish i could wear doe!!