Tuesday, October 21, 2008

lost and found.

back when i was in college at bennington, i spent many days and many MANY long, loopy nights at our campus costume shop. for hours, i would labor over blind stitches and weather denim till my fingers went numb, usually laughing hysterically (we called this "head-joy" when everything becomes SO funny because you are SO tired!) and rocking out to madonna or lauryn hill or portishead or simon & garfunkel. so many of those glorious times were spent along side leah*, who always signed her name with a star and greeted you with a smile.
emily montrose ~ hearts kimono robe by L'stell

well, if there is one thing to be said for facebook & the like, it's that finding old friends and seeing what they are up to these days becomes a little easier and a few months ago i reconnected with leah* (a fellow maine-iac, now transplanted in san fran, ca). her lovely designs and style have followed her west - point & case, her blog L'stell which features resource links for locals and new designs available in her online shop. do check it out - if you like handmade gems, attention to detail and vintage fabric you'll have major hearts for L'stell. lobster, hugs and kisses leah*, from the east coast to the your's!
kinokuniya apron wrap dress by L'stell

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