Tuesday, April 1, 2008

art show.

today was less rar than yesterday...EXCEPT - my back is broken...we are studying michelangelo this week at school and the kids are laying under a table painting to imitate how he lay on his back on staging to paint the sistene chapel - which means, i have been on the ground teaching art this week and under a table taping up newspaper as a backdrop...my back is broken. i came home to find my nephew brody and he was in the mood to resurrect his art gallery that is currently showing on my closet door!

we did this multi-media collaboration today and added it to some of his and his sisters other works already on display, please enjoy!

also a word...the big april announcement is that:
emilia & i are working on a new project, details to come!

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Emilia said...

oops I didn't know I wasn't supposed to spill the beans! and I did!