Friday, April 4, 2008


(blue sky holiday) (cross that bridge when you come to it)

(sign of the times) (my little cow)

so, unless you are reading this from under a rock, you know that emilia & i are bloggin' it up together. this project has made me stop, think, be observant, and be prepared. i am looking for a moment each day that defines for me or symbolizes the word, quote, lyric of the day and SO as i was browsing etsy today i found my new favorite-ness. everyday moments is already stopping to take the pictures and appreciate the little things that we pass and often don't see. as she puts it, she is celebrating the little things with a fresh perspective and i happen to heart all of that. also, her pictures have a certain "recovered" feeling, like they have been salvaged from a flood or hidden inside of an old farmhouse wall for years. you can find these beauties here & here, please enjoy my short-list of favorites above.

[images via everdaymoments]

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