Saturday, April 12, 2008

pizza pie.

YUM. today i was wondering what to have for dinner. i picked up a gluten free rice crust pizza at the market earlier in the day - plain cheese - so i raided the fridge to see what i could pile on top for goodies. the decision: lotsa sweet onions, garlic, red & orange bell peppers AND bacon! i cooked up the bacon first and then added the veggies along with some red pepper flakes (note! i would drain some of the bacon fat before adding the veggies next time, this time i ended up putting the veggies on a paper towel to drain after they were completely cooked). i cooked up my frozen gluten-free delight and then piled the bacon & veg on top - watch out, you may become addicted to this! the good news is that i have plenty of leftovers and what i don't put on pizza, i will mix into some brown rice that i cooked up in some vegetable broth while i was standing at the stove anyway. happy weekend everyone :)

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Emilia said...

you are like a mad posting woman today! i can't wait to try this pizza (with turkey bacon)! it looks so yummalicious!