Friday, April 25, 2008

last night.

so this is late, and so it is really last-last night, BUT i had an eventful day in various burroughs. to start off after the hammock latte, my friend brandi and i biked through park slope to the botanical gardens (beauty.) and then biked home through the park. then i jetted to astoria to get ready for a silly alumni event for bennington at the new museum. thank gawd for free wine! good to see some people though. then as soon as we had exhausted our wine limit, we cabbed over to hi-fi in alphabet city for drinks...only to cab to astoria at the end of the night. here are some images from my day...when i was brave enough to not care that taking pictures makes me look like a tourist...something i would have made fun of when i lived here!

(@the new museum)

(the taco joint...dinner)
(i'm sorry, i was @ hi-fi and this was on the wall, i unfortunately do not know the artist)

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