Friday, June 13, 2008

if it's sunday.

"florida! florida! florida!"
-tim russert, 1950 - 2008

i am deeply saddened tonight at the shocking news that tim russert of meet the press, passed away earlier today, he was only 58. i mostly try to keep my politics out of this space, but if you know me well you would know that i love politics - obsessively sometimes - watching and analyzing. and on sunday mornings i have the press, chris matthews and face the nation..i set my alarm to get up at 9am with tim - hungover, sleepy, cranky - i get up and watch it. if i miss the 9am show, i know that it replays at 6pm on's an addiction. so while i wonder what i will be doing at 9am on sunday this father's day, i send out thoughts of love and respect in memory of tim russert - go buffalo!

links to tim's life, legacy & memoriam:

[photo via bigrussandme]

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