Tuesday, June 17, 2008


celtics 131
lakers 92

“push yourself again and again. don't give an inch
until the final buzzer sounds.”

larry bird

the boston celtics have not won a championship since i was 6 years old and while i may have strayed over the years for the michael jordan's and dennis rodman's and kobe bryant's (yes at one time, i did!) of the game, i have always been a true celtic fan at heart. i grew up watching the celtics with my dad and grandfather and brother - knowing the names, the legends, the legacy of the garden. when i was 8 i met robert parish at a card signing and i asked him to stand up so i could see how tall he was, to a girl who grew up to 6 feet tall, he is still a towering giant in my mind. the best part though was that the serious, stoic parish was wearing 3 stooges suspenders with his suit. i am so proud of the celtics and their championship win, celtics in six - GO GREEN!

[image via celticsbeagle]

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