Monday, June 30, 2008

oh boy/girl.

well i went to massachusetts over the weekend to visit emilia who was home from san diego and on sunday when the sun finally cooperated we all packed in the car (with yummy pasta salad leftovers from the garden party the night before!) and went to the lake. what did we find along the way?? nothing more than a tranny ice cream statue wearing peter pan slippers of course!! i really wanted to take a picture, but with my camera being cranky i was reduced to googling so i could share...oh the beauty of flickr!! i found a great picture and comic expressing exactly the sentiment felt in the car - was that a girl in a top hat OR a boy wearing make-up?!?!?!? sweet. more to come this week from my trip, my garden AND the highlights found in my google reader that had 178 posts waiting for me after being gone 48 hours.

[photos via svadilfari on flickr ]

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gimpstar19 said...

I LOVE that you found this! ellen