Tuesday, June 24, 2008

oh joy.

"joy is the best makeup."
—anne lamott

[these are my favorite flowers this week, PEONIES!! yummy, they make my
room happy:) plus a lovely dish that my grandma
gave me after i painted her kitchen...the new pale lilac blue color covers up
a mint green that had graced the walls for years - oye. oh and a pink flare dot, love.]

i have been absent - without any great excuse - BUT i have been starring items like craz-azy on my google reader and because i can't get it together lately to write posts, i will just share my list-o-faves "things i heart lately", links of love, if you will - MWAH!

- m*a*s*h for grown-ups...YAY.
- easy-peasy & eco-friendly for yer veggies
- light up your life [or den] with graffitti
- anti-energy drink
- feeling fine about this
- realistic comic relief
- YUM! Yum! yum. this looks good...
- i think this might get sera to agree to camping
- i am ready to move here, does anyone have a mountain i can borrow?
- t.o.t.t. - think on these things
- LOL for $5.99
- i'm doing this...and i might need some encouragement!
- i need this in my life, for the occasional days when a primal scream just doesn't cut it.

and finally!!
- who wants to take me HERE! i am really good company and i can pack a mean weekend bag;)

[photo by kristy for thingsihearttoday]


Dannikke said...

i love the list!!

i will take you to the greek islands!... i better put it in my new computerized MASH figure-outter so it will be in my future to move there...right now i've just ended up in SB with Mark Ruffalo and a green (ew!) BMW. it's time to up those standards. haha.

i love it all. thanks!

Sera said...

LOVE IT. and if you get me my portable home i'll TOTALLY go camping with you...just think of all the holes you won't have to patch in your tent from my heals :)