Saturday, July 5, 2008

rock the casbah.

ok, so it may have taken a week, but here are my favorite images from visiting emilia in sutton/worcester...a place where it's ok to call into a radio station and request the rock classic "rock the cash bah"...seriously, i almost peed my pants!

a trespassers garden tour at the neighbor's house.

i want a back porch, with chairs for flowers & antique candlesticks.

secret garden anyone? and a watch bird.

vincent's and a downtown skyline.

vincent's backyard, complete with random cabin, rocking chair & gnome.

[photos by kristy for thingsiheartoday]


Emilia Jane said...

i can't believe you took this pics w/ your phone! they're gorgeous! i love the one of my mom's chair from the porch.

kristy said...

actually i didn't use my phone on these, just my dad's big ol' camera that i was lugging around, but when we went to the lake on sunday the memory card was full so i had to use my phone!! (mostly because i don't know where the delete is on the camera & couldn't edit!) the chair one is one of my favorites too:) i have one of buddy humping your leg that i didn't post though, i'll have to put it on flickr this week!