Monday, July 7, 2008

century city.

"motivation is what gets you started.
habit is what keeps you going."
-- jim ryun

so yesterday, i realized that i had my 100th post! i know, not a huge deal, but i'll take a mini-milestone where i can get one;) i wish i had something to give away! especially because when i started this journey, i had no idea what i was doing or what i would write or find or love, but the fact that i did it and stuck with it for more than a few silly posts makes my day. i am so excited to be here - to be reading other blogs and to be inspired daily by so many great artists and creative spirits. i can only hope this is the first of many 100's of posts here. and thank you for coming along on my journey (here, there & everywhere sometimes i know!) because it makes me come back as much as i can to take time out, to appreciate the moments & the details.

when i look at my sitemeter (like a cuckoo bird everyday!), i see so many visitors from all over the world, some repeat some new (thanks to creature comforts for bringing some new friends my way & welcome everyone!). i am here because you guys show up to read, so please feel free to leave comments on this post...i can be a bit all over the place sometimes, so let me know - what do you like? what do you miss? what could you do with a little less of? do you like the pictures, quotes, random happenings?

i feel like i am no longer in WAY over my head, but just up to my ankles in something good, thank you!

[photo by kristy for thingsihearttoday]

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