Monday, July 14, 2008

tiny bubbles.

well, it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood friends! thanks to my lovely emilia, i have discovered hiball energy drink which (insert drum roll please!) has NO citric acid...citric acid gives me heartburn, so i avoid it at all costs and believe me when i say that literally everything has citric acid in it, especially beverages, so it's a BIG day. i haven't tried it yet (because i need to find them first at a grocery near me) but i will keep everyone posted - carbonation! - can't wait!

[image via thespiritworld]

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Dannikke said...

I am addicted to these!! They are God's gift to the work day!

You can go on their website and find out where they sell them.

But I get mine by the case at Whole Foods (then you get the 10% shelving fee off)

Hope you like!!