Friday, May 23, 2008


"nothing? nothing? NOTHING? nothing, tra la la?"

last night as i arrived for a vent session (since dubbed "sloppy talky" by me and tara), i was walking through the parking lot on the way to meet her when i kicked a marble of all things which rolled down the ramp twisting and turning and making a whirling, clicking noise until it came to a stop. it was like a teeny tiny version of the crystal ball in labyrinth...i really wanted david bowie to pop up and sing and dance and lurk around on the spot where it came to rest which was near where someone had recently spit (nice.) and even though i spent all that time daydreaming about what it could have been in an 80s movie, i walked away. five steps out of the garage i made myself turn around and go take a picture of it, i mean who loses a marble in a parking garage? no one would believe that story without, the marble looks like the earth and i kinda wanted to kick the earth yesterday anyway, so there.

[photo by kristy for thingsihearttoday]


Emilia said...

you are my soulmate.

kristy said...

:) you're mine too!