Tuesday, May 6, 2008


i often find that when i loose my hours browsing etsy shops, i am automatically drawn to jewelry shoppes. it's no wonder then that i was drawn to zippan designs with it's clean cut cut-outs. the designs are whimsical, delicate and just simplistic in the best possible way. besides silver, she also works in wood - a clear labor of love, these beauties are hand-finished after cutting each piece with a fine saw blade...wow.

[broken heart]
i don't have a broken heart, but if i did i would wear this and enjoy the fact that the chain is reminiscent of the paper clip necklaces of my youth!

also, makes me feel like a kid again, just like my faux-airbrushed unicorn tank that i heart.

[diamond cut out studs]
these are the kind of studs i can get into...my checkbook is fond of diamonds in the cut-out-non-diamond persuasion ;)

[images via zippandesigns]

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