Tuesday, May 20, 2008

more peas.

these days as i cry over $4 gas (i live in the country where you have to drive to get most places), i AM trying to cut back on the unnecessary, but i still have a hard time passing up a good deal...like the one i found on etsy tonight. i was just looking for inspiration when these green jadeite beads popped up and i impulsively clicked (quickly!) before the pictures changed...$4 & my most favorite shade of green, it was meant to be! PLUS, they remind me of peas - which i'm allergic to (sad because i heart peas), but i also spilled peas all over the floor this morning when i was getting my lunch out of the fridge...so synchronicitous and therefore - DOUBLE meant to be ;)

while i was searching the rest of this etsy shop, i found these fun bows which i quickly justified getting because i am certain that i will find a project for them once they arrive and the price was right...i definitely enable myself! if you're looking for funky & varied styles of beads, check out atomicveggiecom for great deals and sign up for their mailing list here.

[photos via atomicveggiecom on etsy]

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