Tuesday, May 27, 2008

p.s. i luff you.

happy [belated] birthday to my lovely sera!!! 27 years young and bringing happiness to my world since 1999, i hope you had a great day and party and i'm sorry that i missed being there to celebrate with you.

you are my technical guru, grammar maven, sounding board, partner in crime and so much more...we share every inside joke imaginable...we've chanted together, 'nuff said.
thank you for being you (the pretty lady on the left!) - MWAH! xo, phin


Sera said...

i luff you too!!!! thanks for the lovin mama and if you are starting to feel nostalgic we could arrange a multi-state chanting session focusing on the word: booooooooooze...say it with me now!

Dannikke said...

aw cute pic. you guys look so cute.

i'm all about the multi-state chanting session. may i join?

also... let me note how jealous i will be of the 3 of you in MASS mit out moi!!

jealous!! jealous!!