Friday, May 9, 2008

take time.

it's friday, another weekend that has crept up on me quickly and while i'm hoping for good weather so that i can get outside and plant some posies, i wouldn't mind being lazy in the rain. i have a stack of starred items in my google reader that i need to revisit and computer work to do for my mom's dance recital (it's next weekend...eek!). here are a few finds that earn BIG hearts and above is the most molten sunset from this evening just before it disappeared behind the farm. happy weekend:)

--> i heart office supplies, and these are my soon-to-be-new addition to my already unhealthy love of sharpies;).
--> my loveliest lovely emilia was featured here and for good reason...great idea.
--> synchronicity is running RAMPANT around here and i nearly fainted to find this on my friday favorite was just two days ago that i told my mom that we had to dig out our recipe that our danish exchange student used to make
--> i need this book and a business plan
--> a gluten-free travel guide for when i make it to italy...someday
--> it's really not easy being green in this video, it's sad

[photo by kristy for thingsihearttoday]

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