Wednesday, May 21, 2008

dear diary.

“fear is a slinking cat i find beneath the lilacs of my mind.”
sophie tunnell

O-fficially one of my favorite days of spring...THE LILACS HAVE OPENED! i rushed out before the rain set in to pluck a branch for my room, for my sanity really. lilacs are my happy place, their perfume and plum stained petals bring me back to spring days spent in vermont farmhouses with the windows open and afternoons laying on quilts with best friends. it was bennington where i learned that sometimes picking flowers is enough, sometimes just sitting with your chosen family and letting the minutes pass is all there is. it is may and more than any other time of year, i miss my sweet family, how i wish you were just a walk away.

a little song for my lovelies ejk, sv, dw, am ~

[photo by kristy for thingsihearttoday]


Sera said...

oh i just got chills...i feel the same way when i smell lilacs, much love to all my lovelies!!!!

Emilia said...

i'm tearing up here! at work! it's a good thing i can blame it on allergies if anyone walks in. i love you and i can't wait for june.

Anonymous said...


waah waah waaaaaah!