Sunday, May 18, 2008

summer luffin'.

ok, so while i slap myself on the wrist for being a bad blogger this week, i have to pat myself on the back for being a good daughter instead...a little more important since i was too broke to get my mom anything more than a card for mother's day last week :) my mom is an amazing lady AND a beloved dance teacher to boot! this weekend is her 35th anniversary show, congratulations mum! if i could commit to something for the next 35 years and know with every fiber of myself that i would still enjoy it, than i would sign up right now. i will be back tomorrow (if i don't pass out from the exhaustion of 3 shows and this cold i'm trying to fight off) and hope to share some of my favorite things that i just heart as of late.

in the meantime, here's a song i heard the other night that i am now obsessed with! it makes me wanna roller skate (which i do NOT do...i have the roller-rama pictures to prove it!) and it's such a summer-ish song, i immediately think of being at a disco (because in this dream i am either in europe or the 1970's) OR (in modern day dreams) i'd be driving around in a convertible on a hot summer night, top down and car dancing while stuck in traffic and not a soft drink commercial! i liked it so much that i texted myself so i wouldn't forget to remember it later for my songs i heart today: summer mix edition, ENJOY!

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