Wednesday, May 14, 2008


have you ever been channel-surfing and fall into something completely fascinating? it happened to me yesterday. i was flipping during the evening hour where i either get stuck in a politics fix or watch wheel of fortune. during a commercial (and found on ovation tv no less!) i stumbled onto how to draw a bunny, a documentary film on the life and work of artist ray johnson. if you have any interest in delving into the completely insane world of an kuckoo/genius artist, see this and be strangely drawn into the conspiracy theory that his suicide was actually his final piece of performance art, complete with clues left behind in a spooky treasure hunt (snippet below) amongst his vast collection of work found in his home after his death. [holy-run-on-sentence!]

my favorite part of the doc is when his friend and fellow artist, peter schuyff, recalls when he asked ray the price of one of his collages. schuyff offered him 3/4 the price because he didn't have the full price at the time...johnson sent him 3/4 of the collage in the mail - he cut 1/4 of it out! what a crazy! i love this guy, i hope you do too.

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Emilia said...

that's one of my favorite documentaries! he's such a kook! i keep meaning to watch it again. i too caught while channel surfing at my parents house a couple years ago!