Tuesday, May 13, 2008

double duty images.

ok, so if you thought the last double duty was funny, then take a deep breathe...announcing the vaginal mirror (!) - (complete with razor and...leash?). this was so random & i heart it SO much! i sent the ever-lovely brandi, one of my big apple hosts, a link to a post that i had seen for ceramic mugs by christin johansson - reminiscent of the mug that she made my almond milk latte in while i lounged in her brooklyn hammock;). she then sent me a return link of the artist's current/other work via mocoloco...holy trail of breadcrumbs to get to this! so while i suppose, if a vaginal mirror were to be commonplace, it would look like this...i think that it looks like one of those looking telescopes that you find on boardwalks and cruiseships that you put quarters into. only difference is the view.

[image via mocoloco]

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